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360 degree appraisal completion rates


For whatever reason we have a number of our clients all coming to the end of a 360 degree appraisal process at the same time. We are therefore looking at completion rates, deciding on what makes a quorum, deciding how hard to chase respondents all at the same time. I happened yesterday to be reviewing our website copy and one of the phrases we were looking at was “improved completion rates”.

What is a good completion rate? The answer is simple but not always helpful! You need enough feedback to give the recipient a rounded set of responses. I believe the minimum you need is 7 responses. 1 manager, 1 self, and 5 from others. So – if you have asked for 8 people to respond then you need to get near the 90% mark. We are increasingly seeing high numbers of selected respondents and so 75% may be fine. These numbers answer “what is enough” – they do not answer “what is great”.

Our clients regularly hit 95% completion rates. I believe this has great benefits to the process. It indicates value, it suggests the correct people have been selected and those respondents value the feedback they are giving. It demonstrates commitment and sets the standard for another year. Last year, a client achieved 97% completion for 1,200 360 degree appraisal recipients. That’s over 10,000 appraisal forms completed. It is the second year they’ve hit those sort of numbers.

As well as Bowland Solutions ensuring that we provide a very easy-to-use system, I believe the high completion rate is because the 360 feedback is used as part of an overall HR process which is valued by all concerned. And, in particular, it leads to a set of training outcomes that are rigorously followed up on.

Brendan Walsh

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