Dear all

We have an employee, whom, as part of her job has to assist in one of the big events our organisation takes part in every year. This means working for 12 days straight, doing more or less 12 hour shifts with maybe 20 minutes lunch. Well she will be 6 months pregnant over this time and has got her Doctor to sign her off doing anything above a Monday to Friday 9:30-5pm week, which is the normal working hours any other time.

Her manager is furious and is insistent that she goes to Occupational Health, on the basis that they will rebuke the Doctor’s note and make her do it. I’m not convinced this will work or that Occupational Health will do anything like that. The employee is happy to go along. But her manager, has basically hinted that she will try her very hardest to make her do it in that it is in her contract. I’ve tried to explain that I don’t believe there is anything she can do as it is a Doctor’s note.

Anyone got any thoughts/advice on this one?

Thanks a lot
e w

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