Hi, two months ago i started a new job as an asistant manager for accessorize, I completed there two week trainning course in a trainning store which was very tiring due to the 2 hours traveling there then 2 hours back for two weeks, i then started working for the store i applied for and found that the trainning had helped me but there where many things different for example where paper work was kept, staff, stock in differnt orders, closing store (locking up)and certain paper work that i had been trainned to do didnt need to be done which confused me. these things i knew would come in time and i have now managed over the last two months to start to feel comfortable within my job and feel there isnt much i dont know. im now at the end of my probation and have been told that i have failed due to not showing my authority towards members of staff whilst my manager is present. i was told by my manager about this for the first time last week and havernt work with her since until today, so i feel i havernt been given much time to improve on showing my authority. i find this reason hard to understand because if i wasnt showing my authority the jobs i am asked to carry out would not get done, i feel my staff respect my authority as they do not stand around chatting as im always pushing them to asist customers which they do. there hasnt been any issue addressed to me before or even concerning this matter so i carnt understand why i have failed for that reason. when i was trainning i didnt get any help from my manager as she never had time and even when i offered to come in early to help myself understand where i went wrong i was always told “dont be silly your doing fine your get it in time stop being hard on yourself”. so i dont understand what more i could have done. i would like to add i was running a concessions store for faith it was really run down and not meeting targets and i worked there for just over a year as an concessions manager, I learnt alot and managed the store so well it became 2nd best for sales within faith retail. I left the concession because i wanted to improve my job title and to gain more experience. I am going to look out for another job but feel this is unfair as im happy where i am and would not have left my previous job if i knew i would get treated like this, i will fight my case in the meeting and would be greatful for any help. leanne
leanne bray

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