I spend a lot of time recruiting and interviewing. I’ve noticed an increased tendancy from candidates over 50 to bemoan the fact they find it hard to get a job.
Whilst I can empathise and see how this point of view is created I do find all to often that the self same candadates have failed to develope themselves and have happily coasted along for a number of years. Often they are then made redundant (in a company shake-up – nothing to do with them) and they then find it difficult to obtain work. They ‘blame’ this on ageism however the issue from a recruiters perspective is that the often havent kept their skills up to date and lack current practices and skills.
We decline them and no doubt their self fulfilling prophesy perpetuates itself.

Is there any truth in this? What do others think.

PS. I’m not denying ageism does go on.

Juliet LeFevre

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