I have an employee who works part time in the Box Office of a leisure operation. I have received an anonymous tip-off allegedly from a previous employer that when she worked at a garage she was prosecuted by the police for the use of forged credit cards.

I am intending to call her in to ask her about it … question is what can I do if she says yes it is all true or no it is not.

If she denies it, can I sensibly ask her to get a criminal records check (something we do when appointing certain employees – very cheap only costs £16 and the employee does it) or is this dangerous given that she has denied the allegations?

If she admits to it, I would not want her handling cash from members of the public if she has a criminal record for handling forged credit cards and the like.

Can I dismiss her on this basis .. after going through the statutory dismissal procedure, of course! And would this be fair?

Has anyone else dealt with a situation like this?
susan preedy

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