I am in the process of working with my management team on some guidelines about when someone who joins the company can applying for a new position.  Our parent company has a requirement that you have completed 12 months’ tenure.  We certainly don’t want to prevent people from career progression but we believe any employee should have at least passed their probationary period before they can apply for a new role.  We currently have two indivdiuals with 4 months service who want to apply for managerial roles in other parts of the business.   We have to consider the costs of having recruited and trained them into the role they only recently were brought in to do and in one instance, the individual is a supervisor and we have to consider the impact of them moving in to another role on the team they have come in to supervise so soon after joining.  Both are happy enough in their current roles but look at these other two roles as progression.

I am interested to hear what others do in their organisations.

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