My organisation has embarked on a significant 4 year change programme under 4 key themes (Customer, Accommodation, Service Delivery and Transactional Services). I’m currently working on the Transactional services theme. The organisation is looking to create a Strategic Business Unit – basically moving similar service provision which is spread throughout the organisation in to one building, at the same time considering how we do things, why we do things, can things be done differently/more efficiently etc

What I’m after is information around how other organisations are structured;

are they tall, flat, matrix, virtual, a combination of some/all of these
Pro’s and con’s of the structure you do have i.e is it structured to respond to change quickly, is it so flat that effective communication between the top and the bottom is affectyed etc.
are you looking to change the way you work/what are you considering doing

I realise this is quite a bit so would be happy to have telephone conversations if more appropriate.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Tim Mensley