I have worked for my present employer for the last 7 years, and have occupied my present position for almost 2 years as a manager of a small team of business analyst and Project managers. I have no disciplinaries on file, have a good level of attendance, I am often complimented on my performance in my current role, this has been reflected in all of my appraisals.

In May there was an announcement that there were plans to re-structure project teams into a central area. Soon after that the position of Business Analysis Manager was advertised internally. At the time Queried this with HR, as I felt that my position was beginging advertised and was concerned. I was assured that there will be no redundancies and that the position had a broader scope than the position I currently occupied. I made clear that I wasn’t happy as I considered the position to be approximately 80% of my current role and that I met the roles criteria, however I never raised a formal grievance. I was advised that I should wait till the staff consultation takes place in June.

Consultation did not take place in June, and no communication had been sent to me with regards to the when it would take place. I contact HR and was advised that plans were taking longer than planned and I would be informed in due course. (It was also at the time that the Head of Business analysis was appointed which was a different title from what had been advertised)

I waited till the end of August by which time I was finding my self stressed and preoccupied with what would be happen to my position. I raised the impact on my work and also the impact on my team who were also de-motivated. At which point I was received an apology for the lack of communication and was assured that consultation will take place in September.

The consultation has now started and I have been informed that my position has been made redundant and I have been offered the position of Business analyst on the same salary, but a reduced level of responsibility. I still feel that I should have been offered the Business analysis Manager position back in May. I feel I have been unfairly treated and do not wish to take a step back in my career. Is there anything I can do?

Ian Brynes

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