As part of our contracts of employment, we class bank holidays as a normal working day, however as a salaried member of staff who works normally Monday to Friday, I would be entitled to the day off paid at full pay. Which means I would recieve 8 paid days off in addition to the 20 days holiday. If I was to work that day I would then recieve an additional day off in lieu which I could take at any point during a holiday year.

If, for example, I was on maternity leave from March through to September (OML only)I would accrue 5 bank holidays, which would be paid on my return to work.
As two of these fall during the 90% period, Easter, should these then be paid as a top up of 10% or should they be paid at 100%. The remaining three days which fell during the 20 weeks SMP would be paid at full pay.

Any help would be appreciated
Cheryl Adams

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