I have a member of staff who has just returned from maternity leave. She is still breast feeding her child and needs to expel her milk at least twice a day.  She works a 40 hour week, which is now being reduced each day by the time taken to expel her milk which can be anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes.  She says that she would like to keep feeding her child for at least another 18 months which means a lot of lost hours. She is obviously being allowed time off to do this and aroom has been put aside for her which is warm and comfortable and she also has the use of a small refrigerator  to keep the milk during the day that is not used by any other member of staff.  I am aware that for antenatal care time off for doctor/midwife appointments is paid for.  This is now post natal and I can not find any information as to whether we have to pay for time off.  Can anybody help me please.

Thank you