I am 37 years of age and seeking constructive advice with regards to my own career transistion.

My career like many others started at the age of 18, after obtaining 4 O’levels in English, Maths, Art and Computer Studies. I then went on to College and obtained 2 City and Guilds qualifications in Computer Literacy and Computer Engineering Level 1.

My career plan was alot easier then as I moved into the computer industry working for a systems house in the west end of London.

Anyway my track record over the last 12 years has included the following roles: 5 years as a social and economical researcher, 3 years in business development working for two mobile telecommunication companies and 4 years running my own business.

Within my business I specialised in delivering accessible solutions for people who were disabled by society; assisting my colleague in running a very comprehensive website which put forward a host of knowledge concerning disability issues. I was also headhunted by the London Development Agency to steer a network (in the capacity of Chairman)which focused on the economical growth within the society of disabled persons.

I now have the desire to move into HR but not being qualified is one stumbling block which I am prepared to address…Plus my age is not getting any younger – So my question is how can I start my HR career at a basic entry level which will enable me to use the skill sets that I have obtained through out my working and life experiences?

I look forward to your response.
Kind Regards,
Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson