Dear Contributors
We have employed someone with IT backgorund for a little while (7 months)to help us in the development of our spreadsheet templates, database, etc on a very ad hoc basis. He works sometimes for 10 hours a week and at other times he may not work for weeks. It is a very casual appointment as he comes in when there is a need. He is employed elsewhere on a full time basis so we have to work around the time he has available which is usually in the evenings only.
My question is:
1.How do we work out how much holiday he is entitled to in a year considering the fact that his hours are neither fixed nor the days he will work for us?

2. Should we also pay for all the public holidays,etc? If so how do we work that out?

3.Does he need to be given a formal contract of employment even though work is so informal?

4.Does he acquire all the rights that a full time employee would eg right to claim for unfair dismissal, etc.Alternatively, is there a certain minimum no. of hrs he has to be working a week to be due all the rights of employment?

Any help will be appreicated.

Vinod Davdra

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