I own a distribution company so needless to say our workload is heavily seasonal. Recent changes have brought us to reconsider our approach to employing those who want to work on an “as required” basis for well above minimum wage, either at home or in house. We have always used the “Self Employed” approach as these people work for a number of companies in our area but now I have my concerns. Can anybody help me through this maze of employment and tax laws so I can employ those who are knocking on my door but I have to turn away because it’s all too complicated! I am willing to meet ALL of the requirements but I can’t put 200 people on my payroll for a few months work and I can’t put people on my payroll who are only available for 1 days work, but I darned sure could use them and pay them what they want!!!
I have tried ACAS, IR & DTI and last time I checked I wasn’t a leper but they darned sure made me feel as if I was, shame on the government, they should be encouraging people to work others to employ them!

neil marsh