I’m looking for ways in which to improve the working atmosphere in one of our office. There are a couple of individual employees that make the atmosphere unpleasant for other collegues. Not in the form of bullying but in the sense that you can never tell what kind of mood they will arrive in for work. Some days they are fine, other days they have ‘black’ moods and although they do their job, they stomp about, sigh, slam things down etc to make it clear to everyone around them they are in a ‘mood’. Whether this is intentional or whether they don’t realise they are like this, it is still not a very nice atmosphere. If you tackle the individuals about their attitudes they cannot see what they are doing is impacting others, they don’t feel they are being offensive and can’t see what the problem is as they are doing the work. They are sometimes very negative but they do not give any reasons for the negativity but always tend to see the worse in things. for example if there are deadlines to meet, straightaway they always say they will never do it, but they always do and as they need to work together in a team they can and always do achieve the deadlines. However, it is just unpleasant for the others that work in the office. Any tips or suggestions on how to improve things or what their collegues could try to do to alleiviate the atmoshphere whilst they are trying to work with them?
Kirsa Edwards