My Wife has been made redundant. She found out in mid August and today received a letter stipulating that her pay for August £1700 and half her pay for September £700 will be taken as part repayment part of the cost of the training course the company paid for £5000.

The training course fee was paid in leiu of her receiving a yearly bonus. She has only been there 6 months and the costs they are recouping is about half of the course cost, however it is all after tax so the company is probably recouping at least 70% I believe.

Are they legally entitled to do this?
She has been offered one months redundancy payment but she hasn’t received this in writing. Could they renage on this and keep the one months redundany.

Can she not pay back the course cost since they have made her redundant. She signed some paperwork saying that if her employment is terminated then she would have to repay the course costs. However would redundancy count as termination? Can she threaten legal action?

What should she do, not bother returning to work?
kulvinder boparia