Currently the departmental briefings from our ‘Big cheeses’ are probably best described as inadequate. Perhaps the biggest problem arises from the fact that as a department we come under the umbrella ‘Shared services’, being made up of certain areas from Finance, Procurement, Commercial and HR. Clearly the ideal scenario would be seperate briefings for all, on a plant level, but that is not practical, as I believe in some plants there are only 2 Commercial employees.

The overriding aim is to develop briefings which succeed in making employees feel involved and not, as they often do now, disengaged. Therefore I was wondering if anyone had any views on what sort of things should be communicated? Do you think the best option is to focus on the Company as a whole, or more localised things (e.g. John Doe is leaving after 65 years). Can the two be successfully incorporated? Bearing in mind the Chiefs are not always totally au fait with plant level developments.

I would be eternally grateful for any advice on this subject, and additionally any people who have radical ideas on how to progress presentations/communication brifings in order to make them less mundane and boring.
Tom Townsend