The Staff handbook explanation of Holiday entitlement was confusing. For years staff would have to only qualify for additional holiday, after they had completed one holiday year from 01 Jan to 31 Dec. 20 days in year one, and 25 days in year 2 thereafter. Any period before the holiday year starting Jan 1, was ignored. The Handbook did not make this clear. (It had a lot of things which contradicted actual practice – and had done for many, many years).

In December if was reissued to make it clearer, but to also the holiday year was changed to 1 Apr – 31 Mar (easier for Payroll purposes) and also it would take longer (5 full holidays years to reach 25 days). It was agreed that existing staff would not loose out, and would not have to follow the new rules and wait for 5 years. Now one member of staff who started end of Feb 2006, insists he is entitled to 25 days from end of Feb 2007, because that what he insists the old hand book says. Has anyone any suggestions, what we should do?

Frauke Golding