Hi All

I support a nation charity which provides services in a certain sector. There are many associates that are supporting of this charity. Recently the organisation has re-launched its intranet site. This was after a period of consultation with some of its associates. It was discovered at this time that the new intranet site is less DDA compliant than the previous, however the organisation has decided to launch anyway, with the intention of making corrections as they go. This action puts a percentage of its associates at a disadvantage, i.e. they cannot use the site, or have limited access. In addition other members cannot access it fully by remote access (when away from their normal place of work) as the design is fixed for a particular size screen.

My dilemma is this, should I highlight this fact to the supporters of the organisation so that action is ensured, should I stay quiet and hope they do something about it. Ironically the site is in conflict with documentation they expect their associates to comply with.

It is the organisations AGM soon and I would not want the organisation hiding this fact from their supporters. Equally, I do want to retain my association as the relationship is very much a win/win one, so do not wish to upset them too much – or am I being too soft? – they are currently breaking the law in my view.

Why does it impact me – we apart from using this intranet site, my own disabilities are also impacted.

So what do you think – wait or shout now – I really would appreciate your views

Mike Morrison