We have a situation where an employee (X) has taken 3 days off work. A meeting was arranged during this time as X wanted to advise the company that they were depressed and stressed due to the behaviour of a number of other employees towards them, and therefore could not come to work. They also asked for this not to be made a formal complaint or otherwise, and to see if it could be resolved without doing so.
A number of solutions were discussed and agreed and X is now back at work.

X was asked to complete a self-certification form and he has self-certified as ‘severe stress and depression’ for the absence. In line with company policy it has been decided that a doctor’s note is required or that X must take this time as holiday. X refuses to get a doctor’s note or to see a doctor.

Although this is a sensitive issue and the company is keeping an eye on the banter and comments between the involved parties, we cannot just allow time off in this situation because it could happen again when X decides they are too depressed or stresed to work.

I believe that we can ask for X to be seen by a doctor because he has mentioned ‘severe depression’ which is in fact a medical diagnosis.

Are there any suggestions on how to handle this issue to come to an agreement about X’s absence?

Marianne Willis