hi, we have give 1 months notice to an employee who has now written a grievance letter to us claiming unfair dismissal.

she was initially employed as temp cover staff in may 7th 2007 and offered full time perm employment in nov 2007 and placed on probation, she had a first appraisal after 3 months where there were quite a few issues with her work, we agreed to extend her probation period for another 3 months and if no signifcant improvement was made in all areas we would have to look at her continued employment with us.
we had her 2nd review and whilst there have been improvements in some areas in most others there has been little or not improvement and no effort made.

she was informed at that appraisal that it would now have to go to our committee to discuss her position, they voted to dismiss due to the fact that we had already extended probation once and we would not do so again and that they did not think we would see any improvement, she was given a letter terminating her employment and giving one month’s notice, she is now claiming unfair dismisel, is she right? or are we okay, plus does anyone have any ideas what we can do about this, i only ask because we are a small parent run pre-school and no one has any experience in this matter.
thanks lorraine.
lorraine kemp

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