We have a director who has been using the company visa card for claiming for personal items e.g. dry cleaning, meals out for his family. He has been spone to once about this already but nothing was put in writing nor was the disciplinary procedure instigated.

He has now travelled to Europe for 2 days for a meeting but actually stayed over for a further two days claiming he was working from home (in the UK). He did not book any holiday for these extra two days or ask permission from the company.

The situation with this person has got so bad now that the company would like to dismiss. We are considering dismissal for ‘some other substantial reason’on the basis that there has been a complete breakdown of trust and confidence in this employee because of the fraudulent way in which he has operated.

In an ideal world he should have been in the disciplinary procedure a long time ago – BUT as ever with senior people he was given the benefit of the doubt.

Do you think we have a case for such a dismissal or is it too risky?

Chris Burgess

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