I am advising a small business about a situation and wanted some input. Ready for this..? ..here goes…!

They have an employee who’s work performance has been a problem (he was only employed because his wife who worked with them and has now left at the time asked for the favour, so an office junior role was created). Over the past few months, he has made sexual advances to another employee (who has now left), was rude to clients and caused the loss of a major client account, he sent insulting emails to his wife (now his ex) about the partners and the business he has been re-routing client phonecalls to his ex-wife who no longer works for the business hence “stealing their clients” so to speak(he is trying to win her back so he is doing anything possible to get into her good books), he used a clients fees to pay another client, he was reminded to sign his contract of employment and he refused.

He was invited to a disciplinary last week (regarding the above issues). He phoned in sick, only to send in a sick note for stress the next day which does not state a return to work date.

He has previously been away for stress in the last month claiming that its the separation from his wife causing it.

The latest is that two other employees have resigned this morning due to the derogatory rumours he has been spreading about the business amongst employees. One person stated verbally that they were leaving because of these rumours i.e. the business was closing down and that he told them his plan is to continue sickness absence until the business closes down or when he sees the outcome of the business issues. (the employee stated this verbally but nothing in writing).

He has over a year’s service (about July 2006). Your “experienced” comments/suggestions would be appreciated!

titi adebayo