Have now put together an E-Coaching Course. Any Comments or questions?
I would appreciate your input.

Key Topics: –

• Introduction to thelearningbusiness
An online learning platform that supports courses and communities and all practical elements of online learning. It enables the e-coaches to practice what they preach.

• The learning process
Understanding how people learn as the foundation of good coaching. Using learning goals, practice, active reflection and learning through experiences. Taking responsibility for learning.

• E-Coaching styles
Developing awareness of a range of coaching styles and models. Identifying what works in an online environment. One-to-one coaching and group coaching.

• The power of collaboration
Using the range of synchronous and asynchronous collaborative tools such as email, file sharing, discussion boards, live classrooms, audio/video conferencing to enable learners to work and learn together. Peer-to-peer and coach-to-learner collaboration.

• Structuring the learning
Using a learning management systems, databases and other tools. Creating a framework for learning. Monitoring and evaluating progress, learning outcomes, performance and results.

• Web as a Learning Resource
The ins and outs of creating a good web site and effective learning materials. Effective information sources and active research. Building learning communities and networks.

Participants will have practised and developed their own range of e-coaching styles and will leave with an action plan of how to implement effective e-coaching in their organisation.

douglas king