I work for a small organisation, with responsibilities including manning a reception desk – a public area.

I have never been given any fire training, but have been told that as a receptionist it’s my responsibility to ensure various doors are locked and that members of the public are out of the building in the event of a fire.

Apparently someone is going to ‘cascade’ full details of the fire policy to me.

However, it’s my understanding that in the absence of being specifically trained to be a fire warden, my main responsibility in a fire is to myself. I don’t feel comfortable with this new policy as I feel it would put me in danger.

There is a designated fire warden and I would expect him to take responsibliity for checking doors etc – if that is part of this role – while everyone else should simply leave the building via the nearest fire exit if there is a fire.

Could anyone confirm what the correct situation is?

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