We recruited a member of staff in a Team Leader role, via a recruitment agency, last October. (Our company is only 20 strong and works under strict govt regualatory controls). The employee’s probationary period was not wholly satisfactory and we gave a 3 month extension before deciding to confirm to permanent staff in June this year.

Very occasionally since then, the employee has been entrusted overnight with keys to the premises, to enable her to open up for the early morning shift on the following day. However, due to our concerns regarding her performance, she has only had the keys on the rare occasion where there really is no-one else available to cover the shift

Yesterday we discovered that this employee has had cut a complete set of keys for our premises, without our knowledge. She says she told us (not asked!). We know she didnt because we’d never had said yes.

Clearly this is a matter for investigation and potential disciplinary but how far down the line of disciplinary can this be taken. Can we move to dismissal for dishonesty?
barbara barnes