We have the following situation:

We have a member of staff who has been with the organisation for a number of years.

Several years ago, she was promoted from a role where she had responsibility for one area, with no direct reports, to a role with a number of responsibilities including lin management.

Over that time she has failed to deliver to the level required of her new role, but this has not been effectively addressed by our organisation. It has been handled “by avoidance” – essentially not allocating direct reports to her, and reducing the number of projects that she has responsibility for in each subsequent reorganisation.

We have another reorganisation due very shortly. A number of members of the management team want to use this as an opportunity to formally tackle this and demote the individual in question to the role that she held a few years ago.

Can this be done?
If so, what are the steps required, or the considerations?
Can salary be reduced accordingly to the decrease in responsibilities?

Any opinions on the best way of handling this would be much appreciated.


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