I am currently working on a project to produce a proposed career pathway for IT staff. My part of the brief is to focus on hard ‘technical’ skills; the accompanying soft skills are being worked on separately.

To date I have been given a fairly basic and open brief, and my sponsor is open to different approaches to deliver the solution. So far we’ve discussed career pathways and job families, but I am open to consider any alternatives that people feel would be beneficial.

I wanted to see if anyone else has done a similar project and could provide a steer on sources of information and/or examples of their final document. Primarily the final document is to be more of a presentation/illustration, so I wanted to look at different ways that people have approached this type of thing before.

As part of my research to date I have looked at the SFIA (Skills for the Information Age) website, but wondered if people could recommend any other approaches?

Michael Fearn

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