We have a staff member who has been on our PHI/Group Income Protection scheme with a diagnoses of ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 10 years. She has made a limited but not full recovery and is still medically considered unfit for full time work and only possibly fit for limited work on condition she receives proper support. Her condition is relapsing/remitting. However she has demonstrated an ability to do very limited hours on a voluntary basis within a charity for a number of years and has managed to maintain many of her skills. She was a good performer before getting sick. The insurance company are interested in getting her back to work on a proportional benefit basis. She is keen to do this however has asked the question as to what happens to her scheme if the limited hours post she returns to is made redundant? The scheme entitles her to benefit until full recovery to original role until retirement.

Has anyone had any experience of rebabilitating a member of staff back to work after such a long period of time? What is the likely scenario for her if the post is made redundant and is there anything we can do to protect her from losing her scheme (it is a comapny scheme and she has to be an employee to receive it).

As it appears the climate is changing in relation to long term sickness (being government driven plus the implications of the DDA) this may become an increasing scenario for employers with PHI or Group Income Protection schemes.

I would be very interested in other members experiences or opinions on this matter.

Many thanks
Jo Jones

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