i have just spent almost a year with my application to the police force i am 47 and passed all the entrance exams. 3 weeks ago i had my medical and on the day the doctor said my high tones was low on my hearing test but acceptable for my age group at that point i assumed all was ok. i spoke to teir H.R. That same day where they expressed their concern about me joining been dyslexic and that they may refuse entry if severe. this week i received a letter informing me i have failed my hearing test and the way forward would be to have my G.P.to a specilist when i called H.R. They old me even if i sort my hearing out through a specialist nd opinon they still would not be happy to take me on with dyslexia as i may fail internal exams and have difficulties coping in the role of a police officer. can anyone advise my best way forward as some people tell me not to give up.
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