We are thinking of changing the 'Like' icon for Discuss posts from the Heart to something else, or maybe keeping it if that's what you decide!

That's where you come in – we'd like you to help us choose which icon is the best one. Please take 10 seconds to complete the following poll: 

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Check out the information further down this post…

*** UPDATE: 30/06/2016. The poll is now closed. The results will be announced soon. ***

What is this 'Like' icon you speak of?

The ability to 'Like' a post is only present on the Discuss posts. It is a way for members to give feedback on a question/discussion without having to post a reply.

It also gives recognition to the members who post good/interesting questions & discussions, and means that you can search for questions & discussions that are deemed as ‘good’ by the community.

Where will I see the icon?

Each post will have the number of ‘Likes’ displayed on the Discuss overview page, as you will see highlighted below. 

You can also filter by posts that have the most 'Likes', also highlighted below. This should give you an idea of what our most popular & well-received posts are – handy eh?

You can also see how many 'Likes' a post has received when you are reading the post, as highlighted below. This is also where you can ‘Like' the post yourself, by clicking on the link, as long as you are logged in.


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