Hi all,

I joined my current employer on March 18th 2019. Our holiday year is April 1st to March 31st. Things haven't worked out and I am leaving tomorrow (21st May 2019) to start my new job on Wednesday.
I took a four day holiday in April which I had planned before I joined. 

HR are telling me that I owe them two days holiday and they will deduct it from my final salary. They've said that I get nothing for March because it was a part month. I got two days for April, but I also get nothing for May because it's also a part month.

I've read many websites (gov.uk, ACAS, Citizen's Advice etc. etc.) and they all say the same thing: you begin accruing holiday on the day you start work.
By that reasoning, I should have gotten 1.1 days for March, 2 days for April and 1.1 for May. Unless I am completely misunderstood.

Please help me decipher this situation.

Thank you.

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