I am required by my employer to undergo Disclosure (Scotland) checks. My problem is that I cannot trust the HR dept to keep my data secure. I have in the past had to fill in other forms more than once. In each case HR told my line manger, wrongly, that I had not returned the forms. Eight months ago the HR dept sent me a Disclosure Scotland application which I completed and returned to the HR department at the time. I returned the form by hand and also brought my passport, utility bill and wage slip, which I watched them photocopy. Seven months later my line manager was informed I had not returned the application form. I pointed out via email to my line manager that this was not the case. Furthermore I pointed out that I was concerned about the loss of my personal data and the risk to me, and to others, if someone has used this information to apply for Disclosure or any other fraudulent use. I pointed out that it was a requirement of the DPA to keep this data secure. I suggested that HR do a check with Discloser Scotland first before I fill out another application. My line manager, with my permission, forwarded the email to the HR dept.

A month later I have not received any response to my concerns about personal data loss. I have however been sent another application form and a strongly worded letter telling me that I am failing to follow my contractual obligations because I have never returned a completed application form. How can I stop this from continuing to happen? How can I make HR behave professionally?