I am an apprentice in a Large company and im being put through a great deal of stress due to HR’s general ineptitude.


In august 06 my company put me through the disiplinary procedure for an incident that was farcical, from start to finish the process took 3 months, and I was given a written warning and had my yearly pay rise withheld, the company took all of the statements within 1 week of the incident and the remainng 2 1/2 months was purely waiting for HR to make a decision, all the while I was given no updates and was under the impression i was going to lose my job.

In july 07 my union negotiated a payscale regrade for all the apprentices in the company which should have resulted in a substantial payrise for all apprentices.

In september 07 I was supposed to receive the pay regrade, which was not processed correctly resulting in me only receiving a meager rise, this issue has being going on for almost 2 months now, i have not been told how my pay was originally calculated I have not been told if my argument for having my salary changed is a valid one and by the looks of it the issue is going to run over christmas. I have explained the stress I’m under to my line manger and they don’t seem to be doing anything to speed the process up


-In the last year i think ive been put through almost 5 months of needless stress, Do I have any legal recourse for stress ive been put under.

-When my salery is corrected i inevitably will have to wait till the end of the month for the money which hopefully will be the end of january, What rights do I have to get them to issue money before then

joe Bloggs

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