I am shortly to complete a three year position, and due to non extention of contract have been informed that I am entitled to a redundacy package of £1050, (age 29, 3 yrs service).

I have applied for numerous posts and been successful in obtaining a job commencing the day after my current contract finishes, but have been informed that because the new post is within the same university, I’ll no longer get this payment.

The new post was externally advertised and I’ve been successful in obtaining the post with no help from the uni. The post was not offered or even suggested to me, in the context of allowing me to continue to work for the institution.

If the post was elsewhere I would get the payment, so I’m confused as to why this would not be the case simply because I’ve redeployed myself in the same instiution? Surely this is simply penalising me for not going into industry rather than reamining in the HE sector.

Can anybody clarify this for me?

All help appreciated.