This is an add on to a previous question posted a few months ago.
My mum has been asked to attend an investigatory meeting regarding her CRB check, It came back with something on it, which was not work related, which happened 3 1/2 years ago which the manager and owner at that time knew about it. The same manager is holding this meeting tomorrow to discuss what is on the CRB check. The new owner (who is the old owners sister) gave my mum a rather snotty phonecall and I think she is trying to use bullying tactics. Bascially, my mum was off sick from work for about 1o months, was deemed fit to return to work by the her GP in August, was told by the manager her job had been given to someone else (which turns out to be a lie), and that she will have to be seen by an OHT (which she is still waiting for) and on the result of a new CRB check. She has not been able to return to work, she is getting full pay after a battle with a solicitor and now she has this meeting tomorrow. She was given less than 24 hours notice to attend this meeting, has been told it is not her right to take someone with her and is having the meeting with the manager who knew all about it when it happened and even had to make a statement. The outcome of this will be whether or not to proceed with disciplinary action when in fact my mum has done nothing wrong and all she wants to do is return to work. Where does she go from here?
Lisa Robson