A lady is due to return to work following additional maternity leave. The person who has been seconded into her role has been doing a fantastic job and has proved to be better suited to the role and the company.
Over the maternity period it has been realised that the current job has changed and a lot of the duties are no longer required within that role.
I know that a woman returning from leave has the right to return to the same job on the same T&C’s but what happens if the job has changed or needs to be changed.
The lady on maternity leave is being paid too much for her job already. Can her pay be lowered in line with changes to the new job.
The manager also wants to keep the replacement instead of the lady on leave due to her committment, better attitude, better realtions with colleagues etc etc. Morale has increased and work output has also increased during the maternity leave period.
Nothing has been done about this as yet but i wondering if anyone has come across a similar situation and how they resolved it?
Tracey Topping