Hi, this an ongoing situation with a now former employee, have posted other questions to do with this previously.
The person in question has now issued us with tribunal papers for unfair dismissal, reasons stated are “we did not give reasons for the dismissal, we refused to set up a greviance meeting that they asked for and we did not follow proper procedure”.
We gave this person in writing dismissal reasons, we arranged a grievance meeting which they could not attend so we arranged another date which they could not attend and then refused to attend any meetings what so ever! we believe we did follow the correct procedure but maybe not in the right order!, however it has now come to light that the qualifications that this person put on their cv are totally bogus and we have been given proof in writing from the college alledging to this. Basically, my question is, based on the info above,do people think we can look forward to being hit with a large compensation payout to them? we would have sacked them anyway once this qualification thing came out.
lorraine kemp

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