I posted last year about E and J, lnk here http://www.hrzone.co.uk/cgi-bin/item.cgi?id=189792&d=101&dateformat=%o-%B

We investigated the situation and explained to J that his behaviour was becoming harrassment and that if he did not stop behaving in this manner we would be looking at disciplinary measures. We also told the line manager that it was not her remit to play matchmaker and that if someone expressed discomfort with the behaviour of another team member, she should pass it up to HR if she felt she could not deal with it or was not sure what to do.

J seemed to accept, finally, that E was not ‘playing hard to get’ but was genuinely not interested.

However, E arrived in our office this morning with a Valentine card, addressed to her at home, containing a declaration of love and a plaintive note about ‘giving (me) another chance’. It is signed by J.

E is quite understandably furious and informed us that she is going to her lawyers. She has raised the question of just how J got her address – she lives with flatmates and the phone listing is not in her name – and has also stated that she does not think she can continue working with him.


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