Five months ago, I took a more junior position in a new company, in the hope of improving my work life balance. On appointment my new company agreed to pay me an enhanced salary to take into account my level of skill and experience. On arrival my manager informed me that he didn’t agree with his managers decision. He also rescinded verbal agreements made during a telephone conversation with his manger and myself. I have tried to continue on regardless, but have now be come subject to a tirade of unfair criticism, deadlines etc. All attempts to resolve the situation have been exhausted. Others are staying away from me for fear of being caught in the fall out. Two separate and unconnected individuals have warned me that my manager has stated that I got to go. He has called my staff in an quiz them on them not liking me, he has directed me to do things then change his mind with out telling me and left me hanging, undermine my credibility to my team and more I am therefore trying to leave asap. I am concerned that if I put this manager down as a referee they would provide a poor reference. I have 15 years management experience and an previously unblemished record. What should I do?
joyceline hogan

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