This is a question regarding a friends wife. She has been working for an newly formed organisation, the Company is headed up by the CEO, who is working in partnership with a well known accountantcy who, are acting as the advisor for the ” investor”.

She and 10 others started working for this organisation in November, they should be paid on the 31st of each month, but December did not get paid until 14th Jan and since then they have not been paid. The CEO keeps making up all sorts of stories blaming it on the Accountants and the banks, he then disappears and is not contactable for days on end until he hopes the situation has gone away, which it has not. A number of people have raised grievences against him and these have at present not been acknowledged or heard.

In total he owes this one individual close to £10000. when you take into account 4 months pay and bank charges and overdraft interest that they have had to pay out. In addition to this others are being threatened over their homes due to a lack of mortgage payments and others are being delared a ” risk2 to bakns and other loans.

How do they get this money from the organisation, can they go to court, can they sue? what are their rights as individuals and collectively?

chris perry

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