Due to the closure of part of our sports centre for a short period from Nov 23rd to Jan 19th. Some staff will be let go. there are 15 lifegaurds 7 of which are on temp contracts. The temp contracts were told on 3rd Nov that they will not get a new contract and will finish on the 23rd Nov. We were on 13week contracts which have been renewed, although our contracts run out on the 14th Nov they plan to allow us to stay on until the 23rd. The remaining staff will be undertaking other duties within the centre.

1. Is there a minumum contract length the employer has to give?

2. I am 2 months short of 2 years service although prior to my temp start date i worked as a casual doing full time hours for 5 months or so. will i get redundancy pay? When they calculate my continuous service will they use my casual hours pro rata which will bring me above 2 years and have to pay me redundancy money??
valerie locke