I have resigned from my post and given my contractual 2 months notice (I am paid monthly). I have not taken holiday for 6 months (due to no staff cover) and am owed 2 weeks. In my resignation letter (dated 8th June) I detailed that I would take the holiday owing at the end of my notice period. I am also owed Lieu time. My employer has telephoned me today (10 days after my resignation) to deny me the holiday, which I was due to take at this time anyway. I have already agreed to recruit for my replacement and to hand-over the position to my successor and the assistant manager before my departure. I offered a compromise by cutting the leave to 1 week, which has also been denied. Where do I stand legally, is there anything I can do. I do not want to leave on bad terms as I have enjoyed my 3 years with the company and would like a good reference. However I genuinely feel I need a break before commencing with my new employer. Please can you advise me?
Aimée Porter