We have an employee who was finished on the last day of July by her line manager with no notice given. This lady had been with us over 3 month, but had not had a contract of employment issued yet. This lady was not finished for gross misconduct

It’s coming up to running August payroll and I thought we were going to pay our now ex employee 1 week in lieu of notice.

Today I’ve been told by my accounts director (my line manager) that we are not paying her any notice.

I always thought that you have to pay at least 1 weeks notice (unless the employee was finished for gross misconduct) if an employee had been continuously employed for one month or more???

I’ve read through several reference book and they all say we have to pay at least 1 weeks notice.

Surely I am right??

If I am right, what is the best way to approach my director??


Clare Locke