We are a Charity set up in a Federation structure. We have the central office where I provide HR advice and then around 20 units accross the UK each employing anywhere between 3-10 staff. We are all registered as seperate charities.

Does anyone have any advice on how to manage occupational health, particularly with pre-employment checking during the recruitment process. We did as an organisation sign up for membership with an Occupational Health provider so that all units could access their pre-employment checking service, however hardly any of them have used this service – so I am wondering whether or not to continue with it. Some have argued that it is a waste of money as in most cases applicants (when completing the pre-employment medical questionnaire) tick most of the ‘no’ boxes, showing that they have no health issues – the form then goes to the occupational health provider and we get charged for them to write back and say they are fit for employment.

Does any one have any suggestions on how to manage occupational health in a structure such as this. Could it be that we manage our own pre-employment checking and screen forms locally, obtaining further advice is something is brought to light on a form?

Would appreciate views and suggestions!!!
Elizabeth Ince