Our company was acquired recently by an american company. Although we have been told that this is a good long term move we knew there was bound to be changes. We have just received an email telling us that our holiday entitlement has been changed. We used to get 25 flexible days holiday in addition to the English bank holidays. If we wanted to take leave over Christmas we would save up our holidays and take the apprpriate amount of days – usually 3 days.
Our new company have now told us that they will pay us to take the three days leading up to christmas – 22nd,23rd,24th off. But we in turn HAVE to take off 4 further days – the three in between Christmas and New year, plus 2nd January. Thus forcing us to take 4 days out of our annual leave – when most of us usually work between Christmas and New Year anyway. Are they allowed to do this?
jan north