We have a number of workers whose work is not time dependent and they can come into the office when they like – yes it is true!!

So they have no guarantee of hours, they can pop in on the way back from the shops and do a few hours work and then are paid at the end of the month for the hours they work. They decide when and how many hours they want to work.

My question is around sick pay. Up to now they have not been paid any sick pay as their hours are flexible.

However, I am concerned that we may be in breach of the part-time workers regs.

If an employee rings in and says they were going to work all of next week but are now sick what is our position?

We have no way of knowing if they were going to work as they dictate their own hours.

Does sick pay qualify under part-time workers regs and if so how are we supposed to calculate their entitlement?

Or can we ignore sick pay altogether? Our FT employees get two weeks full pay.

We currently calculate holidays on the basis of they accrue 5 mins for every 60 minutes worked.

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks
Chris Burgess

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