It’s Sunday and I’m already considering work – a little sad I know, but I have inhertied a bit of a nightmare here. I have to advise some retail outlets, who mostly are staffed by parttimers.
The previous basis has been that if one of your normal days falls on a bank/public holiday and you have to work you get it off in lieu or have that day off (not deducted fromyour allowance).
With the part time workers legislation obviously holidays should be on a pro rata basis inlcuding the stats.

My problem arises in that it has only come to light now 4 years after legislation, do we have to back date this allowance as the holidays are on a use it or lose it basis. If I do this is further complicated by leavers, and the fact that some of the shops have not been great in deducting shut downs from the allowances(honest mistake I beleive) The company have written these mistakes off as a gesture of goodwill.
There will be a lot of grumbling if we are seen to be taking holidays off people as there will inevitably be some losers in this. Do i also need to consult as this is really a variation in the terms of the contracts they are already under?
Any advise gratefully received.
Liz Pugh