I was wondering if I could get some advice on this.

In 2007 the company I work for started to vet new employees through a new vetting agency they check the authencity of passports and the right to work in the country for employees whilst liasing with the home office on our behalf and this has proved to be very successful. However up on till then we were using another vetting agency which i have been told werent as good as the new one. As a result we would like to check Id documents for all employees who were vetted under the old system. In oder not to create unneccessary work load for our selves we have decided to only ask those who were employed before 2007 and checked by the old agency to re produce their passports and rights to work to be checked again. ( Please note this include employees from various nationalities) As we are not asking all employees could our actions be seen as discriminatory if so any suggestions on how to go about this without having to check all employees including those who were taken since the new system has been in place.

Your advice will be greatly appreciated

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