Hi Everyone, I started work for a company in Jan 2011 on a contract basis working 3 days per week. The contract ran out end March 2012. I was then VERBALLY offered the job on a permanent basis, and I accpeted. Although I asked several times, this was never confirmed in writing and I have not been given a contract of employment.

In August a colleague left, and instead of replacing her I was told I would increase my days to 4 per week and take over her role as well as my own – on a temporary contrct basis until 31 December. I wasn’t even allowed to think it over but was pressured to accept the role there and then – which I did verbally. It was made clear I would be ‘surplus to requirements’ otherwise.

I want to leave, but I’m not sure if I should resign (no job seekers in that case) or if I can claim that my contract effectively ended back in March. What is the legal position is regarding whether I am permanent or temp? I have been given a temp contract but haven’t signed it yet…

Thanks everyone