I have been approached by a member of staff, E, who claims that she is being pestered by a male member of staff, J.

E says that J seems fascinated by everything she says and everything she does and is constantly either trying to pull her into conversations or barging in to her conversations with others. He has asked her out on dates several times which she did not accept, and waited outside the office to walk with her to the bus station. She has ignored him, she has scolded him, she has asked him to please leave her alone.

If this were not enough, there are 2 further problems:

i) E has approached her line manager about getting J to knock it off. Line manager has, according to E, done nothing at all and thinks it’s ‘cute’, she has even asked E why she won’t go out with J since he wants it so much.

ii) J has acquired E’s personal mobile number from somewhere (E did not give it to him) and yesterday evening left messages on it begging her to go out with him. E has played them to me – they certainly sound like J and come from a number which we have in our records for J.

E says that she has piles of documentation and wishes HR to do something, she doesn’t mind what, to get J to leave her alone. She says that she fears J arriving at her home and also that if things do not change she will seek legal advice.


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